Our Perspective

No one would set out to climb a mountain without detailed planning, proper equipment, adequate provisions and anexpert lead climber. The harsh realities of failure lead naturally to contingency and risk planning. An understandingof the vagaries of weather or rock conditions leads to continuous re-evaluation throughout the climb. A successful climb requires planning, skill, commitment and flexibility.

Mountain climbing makes an excellent metaphor for software development. Planning, skill, experience and adaptabilityare the pre-requisites of a successful development project. Yet, many organizations start high-speed, high-changedevelopment projects without knowing how to do them and even worse, without knowing they don't know. Successful completion of these projects is often at the expense of the project team.

Project failure not only destroys team morale, it's costly to the "bottom" line. With the cost per SLOC averagingbetween $20.00 - $40.00 and skilled developers in short supply, you need to get it right the first time - on time andon budget.

We can help! TNS works with a network of professionals to deliver the services you need. Whether it's J2EE, webservers, graphic design, project management, Oracle database design and tuning, application review and audit, etc.; wehave the expertise. We can help you define your application architecture, infrastructure, perform code reviews and productivity assessments, or even perform all the development for you on a fixed time / price or time and materialsbasis.