Note: This page has been retained from the previous site as a convenience to former accessors. This product is no longer sold as its use is now part of TNS Software Cloud-Based service offerings.

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Features at a Glance

  • Documents selected entities or an entire Oracle schema and produces an XML output file which contains all schema components, including entities, attributes, indexes, constraints, comments and triggers.

  • Optionally scans each table to produces statistics for each attribute including min/max values, distinct values, percentage null, min/max length and more.

  • Optionally examines the schema to identify and document entity andattribute usage discrepancies, missing foreign key relationships, nested indexes, inconsistent constraints using a rule base of over 50 best-practice modeling rules.

  • Optionally generates tnsgen output control files to simplify the generation of random test data that closely resembles that of the source schema, including conformance to date and numeric ranges, enumerated character values, percentage of nulls and more.

  • XML output can be loaded into a repository as a "current state snapshot" or used to create reverse-engineered schemas or other reports using supplied or user-defined XSL templates.

  • Command-line usage and properties file allows easy incorporation into make, ant or other batch administration procedures.

  • Written in Java / JDBC for portability and operates on any OS platform which supports JDK 1.3 or above without requiring Oracle client software.

  • Provides more functionality than competitive commercial tools costing thousands of dollars and is free for educational and non-commercial use. Commercial licenses start at $749.00 US.

  • Manual

    For more information, please refer to the PDF SchemaScanner manual located here