Note: This page has been retained from the previous site as a convenience to former accessors. This product is no longer sold as its use is now part of TNS Software Cloud-Based service offerings.

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Features at a Glance

  •  Generates meaningful randomized data for QA testing, load testing or automated test case generation
  •  Generated data can be randomly chosen from user-defined test data or randomly generated
  •  Randomly generated data, such as integer, floating point and date values, may be easily constrained to a range
    (high/low) of values
  •  Supports percentage of null values, specified for each individual output field
  •  Sequential numeric values can be defined from any starting value
  •  Multiple record types may be written to a single output file, easily supporting header, footer and trailer records
  •  Automatically generates output in XML, SQL insert or CSV formats
  •  Rich field formatting options are available to control right/left data justification, zero fill, decimal precision, truncation and more

  • Tnsgen

    It has been estimated that testing accounts for 50% of the total cost of software development. It has also been estimated that 90% of applications are brought into production without being load tested with appropriate data volumes. Adequate testing (and adequate documentation) are often sacrificed at the end of a project to meet project timelines at the expense of application stability and performance.

    In cases where the application requires the conversion of legacy data, the testing is often attempted with converted data. This is often a poor choice for testing as the converted data may itself been erroneous, caused by poor data integrity in the legacy source system or errors in the data conversion. More recently, privacy legislation may prohibit the use of legacy data for testing where security controls may not be present to protect the information from unauthorized access.

    The obvious solution to these challenges is the use of a simple test data generator that is capable of generating both large and reasonably complex data sets in a simple and timely manner. This was the impetus behind the creation of tnsgen, tns software’s extensible, script driven test data generator. We at tns software have been using this generator for several years with great success and have decided to make this tool available as freeware for eductaional and non-commercial use.

    Tnsgen offers a tremendous degree of control in the format of the generated data and allows input data to be derived from input data files in CSV format, enumerated values within a script file or from internal functions that provide random or sequential generation of numbers or dates. Tnsgen also supports the random generation of specialized data types, including Canadian Postal Codes and Canadian Social Insurance Numbers and several types of randomized text, including "greeked" textual output. Tnsgen also includes "seed" data for such common attributes as Names, Addresses, Canadian and US Cities, Provinces, States, Area Codes, Stock Symbols and more. Any data set may be easily created and added to allow virtually limitless data generation.


    For more information, please refer to the PDF tnsgen manual located here